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Train with Me

With a remarkable 25-year journey dedicated to supporting birthing families, Nikia not only brings a wealth of expertise but also a passion for empowering others in the field.


For those aspiring to make a difference in perinatal care, Nikia extends her knowledge through specialized training programs for doulas and professionals. As a childbirth aeducator, placenta encapsulator, maternal health advocate, Approved Lactation Educator (TX) and birth business coach, she excels in guiding individuals on their path to success in this dynamic field. Having played a vital role in the delivery of hundreds of babies, her hands-on experience is unparalleled.#trainedbyNikia.


Embark on a transformative journey with Nikia, where expertise, passion, and a commitment to excellence converge to redefine the standards of perinatal care.

 Learn with Me

Free Virtual Community Childbirth Education (CBE) 4-Class Series

Join our complimentary Virtual Community Childbirth Education 4-class series! Sessions are held monthly during the first week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM Central Time (CT), ensuring an informative and interactive experience. Plus, enjoy well-deserved breaks throughout.

Upcoming Virtual 2023 Dates:  December 5, 7, 12, 14

Attention to all Childbirth Education Students, Doulas, and Families:

For those seeking a Certificate of Attendance, a processing fee of $10 applies to everyone. You can secure your certificate by either ordering it on our website's payment page—select the 'Childbirth Education Certificate' item—or by reaching out to Nkenge via email to arrange payment through a payment app.

To obtain your certificate, kindly request and successfully complete the quiz. Remember, all 4 classes must be taken, and they can be completed in any month they are offered. It's your responsibility to inform us once you've completed all sessions.

This 12-hour virtual interactive workshop series is open to pregnant individuals and aspiring doulas worldwide. Please have a notebook ready for note-taking! Our fast-track class series provides evidence-based information tailored for those planning to approach childbirth with empowerment and knowledge.

Together, we'll explore:

  • Common and normal issues in late pregnancy

  • Anatomy of pregnancy

  • Signs and stages of labor, including warning signs for premature labor

  • Medical interventions: epidural anesthesia, medical pain management, medication options, and the evidence supporting their utilization

  • Establishing a support team

  • Basic relaxation techniques, comfort measures, and breathing techniques

  • Aspects of cesarean delivery

  • Postpartum hospital care and home care

  • Preparation for your hospital stay and general hospital protocols

       And much more!

Free Community Childbirth Education: In-Person Dallas/ Ft. Worth


The Grandberry Intervention Foundation
4109 Mansfield Hwy., Fort Worth, TX 76119
Time: 9 AM -6 PM

Earn with Me

Birth Business Coaching

DONA Approved Birth Doula Training and Childbirth Education

Unlock the full potential of your birth business with private consultation and coaching. Let's grow your venture and seamlessly bridge the gap between non-profit and for-profit professional birth services.

Connect with me to elevate your business today.

Serve with Me

FREE Community Childbirth Education

Nikia Lawson empowers expectant mothers and families with her Community Childbirth Education Class.

Come and navigate the array of birth options, from understanding anatomy and signs/stages to addressing concerns, warning signs, pain management, birth plans, and essential breathing and comfort measures. Join us for an informed and confident approach to your birth experience.

After participating in our complimentary community education classes and workshops, families should emerge with heightened confidence and knowledge, well-prepared to embark on their postpartum journey with assurance and readiness.

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